What makes a stitchout terrible or great

What makes a stitchout terrible or great?

Most of the time, when we stitch out a design and it doesn’t stitch out properly, eg, the outline is off or you find gaps between sections of color in the design, we ask – “What went wrong?”

Not only is it disappointing when this happens, but it is a waste of thread, fabric and time.

Often, the difference between a terrible stitchout and a great one, is all in the stabilizer. Using the wrong stabilizer or not enough stabilizer can cause your design not to stitch out correctly.

The stabilizer that I like to use is the 50 gm, medium weight Stitch n Tear interlining by Vilene. It is great for machine embroidery with good tear away properties. It also doesn’t tear or shred while stitching. This tear away is ideal for fill stitch designs that have higherMy 2  stitch counts.  Designs with higher stitch counts require proper stabilization when stitching out. For these types of designs, you will need to hoop 2 – 3 layers of this tear away.  This will give good stabilization to your embroidery.

My two samples using 1 and 2 layers of tear away

Here are two samples I have stitched out using 1 and 2 layers of tear away. The Christmas Gnome stitching in both samples have approx, 39000 stitches each.

In this design, I used 1 layer of tear away stabilizer with my fabric. You can see how the outlines have pulled off the design. This happened because I didn’t use enough stabilizer.

What makes a stitchout terrible or great


This is my second sample. For this sample, I used 2 layers of stabilizer with my fabric. I could have even used 3 layers.  The design stitched out great on the 2 layers of stabilizer with the fabric.

What makes a stitchout terrible or great

So the next time you are about to start stitching out, check your embroidery design first.  Look to see if your design has a high stitch count.  Always use 2 – 3 layers of a good quality tear away stabilizer for these designs.  Just by using the right stabilizer and the correct amount of stabilizer could make all the difference in having a great stitchout on your next project.

NOTE: Tear Away stabilizer is great to use on most projects. It is suitable to use for applique designs, fill stitch designs, linework designs, in hoop quilting designs and many in the hoop project designs. Tear away stabilizer is not to be used with freestanding lace designs [you will need to use a water soluble stabilizer for freestanding lace designs 😉 ]