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Terms of Use

All the designs on this site are copyright protected. These designs have been created with love and care. Please don’t share.

What you can do with these designs:

  • You can stitch these designs onto items for sale, on items for gifts or on items for personal use.
  • If it is a project design, you can sell the finished project, use it for gifts or for personal use.
  • You may personalize the designs by adding words, names or other designs to it
  • You may change the colors of the designs to suite your needs

What you can’t do with these designs:

  • Add other designs or wording to them, creating derogatory or vulgar designs.
  • You may not share or resell these designs even if you have added other designs or changed them to create a new design.

Resizing or Editing the Designs

Should you resize the designs, edit them or change formats, these changes are done at your own risk. Any changes to the designs can cause them not to stitch out correctly.