ITH Elf Mug Rugs


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These adorable In The Hoop Elf Mug Rugs are made entirely in the hoop. There is NO EXTRA Sewing. These two mug rugs have been made using the Sew n Flip technique. To make it super easy, I have also included a pattern pdf of the fabric pieces you will need. Just printout the pdf’s, cut out the pieces and then cut them out of fabric. It’s that easy. There is NO measuring of fabric, which is time consuming. Using the printout pattern pieces to cut out your fabric, there is also very little wastage of fabric. The final opening is closed using Steam a Seam or you could close it with whip stitch. I used Steam a Seam.
Done for the 5×7 and 6×9 hoop

This is a multi format. You get all the designs