I have been digitizing since 2003. Embroidery is one of the many hobbies I enjoy. Some of these hobbies include, knitting, crochet, sewing (I have recently started drafting and designing my own sewing patterns),quilting, beading, cooking, baking, gardening and drawing. As a digitizer, I love to try out and perfect various embroidery techniques, always looking for the easiest and best way to do this. All of my designs are test stitched out. All of the “How To’s” are done in detail and with lots of photos, so you can follow along and learn the various techniques and apply them to various projects.

I always enjoy hearing from embroiderers. Take a minute and say “Hello”. Send an e-mail to office@embweekly.co.za and let me know what sort of embroidery you enjoy and designs and projects you would like to see.

I look forward to hearing from you.